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    Web testing using WinRunner


    I am new to web testing. I am trying to do web testing with WinRunner. My problem is when I use GUI spy to learn the properties of the objects in the Internet Explorer window, WinRunner does not recognize any of the objects in the IE window.

    I am aware that the RapidTest script wizard cannot be used with web add-inn with WinRunner. How do I teach WinRunner, the objects that exist in the browser?

    I am currently using WinRunner v7.01 and IE v6.0

    Thank you!

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    Re: Web testing using WinRunner

    IE6.0 is not supported "out of the box" by WR7.01. You'll need to do one of two things to move forward. Either install the patch from Mercury that allows WR7.01 to work eith IE6.0...or, you will have to downgrade your browser version from IE6.0 to IE5.5.

    Once you complete one of the above two tasks, then the GUI Spy should work for you in recognizing objects.

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    Re: Web testing using WinRunner

    In addition to the above reply - please read the readme.wri file that should be installed in your ".\WinRunner\dat" folder.

    This contains information critical to the success of your scripts. Here is a key excerpt:

    "You must start WinRunner before you start your browser. Otherwise, the WebTest add-in will not record and run your test script properly."

    What is not stated is that you can have a script launch your browser and recognize the desired objects.

    Again - make sure you have applied the patches for IE6. An alternative is to rollback to IE5.5 SP2.

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    Re: Web testing using WinRunner

    Thank you, appreciate your replies.




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