Hi experts,

The below Mentioned function will do the comparison of two arrays and gives the
result.But arr1[] and arr2[] will contain 100's of values and comparision of
these two arrays will take much time.. So how we can convert the function
written below in TSL to DLL

Since i don't have much exposure in

creating DLL"S , Any help should be greatly appreciated.

public function compare_1(inout arr1[],inout arr2[])
extern sol_rows_count;
auto i=0;
for(i=0; i{
report_msg("Not equal");

The function compare_enviornments is calling from other script and
sol_rows_count is the value used in that Script..So here i used it as extern.So
if i want to create this in to DLL , How i can proceed?. I want to pass the
parameters to DLL From Winrunner and how i can acheive the result..

Sample code should be very much appreciated