Hi guys -- I posted this on both the QTP and WR forums...

Mercury is hosting a webinar to discuss the "Functional Testing License" and it is free. Good way to get information on the combined WR/QTP Product... Link below


"Introducing Mercury Interactive Functional Testing License: A Complete
Solution for Enterprise Testing Environments"
DATE: 4/15/03
TIME: 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. (PT)

Mercury Interactive's new Functional Testing bundle is a new product
bundle focused at our automated functional and regression testing
customers. This bundle includes versions of QuickTest Professional and
WinRunner which are integrated allowing for existing WinRunner users
to leverage the power of QuickTest Professional without losing existing
TSL scripts. Functional Testing provides the ability for our WinRunner
customers to seamlessly call QuickTest Professional test scripts to
create unified test harnesses in Enterprise environments (such as .Net,
modern ERP/CRM environments, Web, Java, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic,
Visual C++, and others). This Webinar will provide an overview to the
Functional Testing product and provide a sneak peak at an upcoming
release of WinRunner.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: WinRunner users, QA Managers, QA Analysts,
Development Managers