Hey all,

I am looking for suggestions on how to best handle an issue. I am going to try and explain but you may want to look at the screen shot I uploaded to follow along.

There are six columns with five rows each and these never change there properties. For example, the 'balance due' columns edit boxes have MSW_id's of 46,38,30,16 and 3. If there are more than five 'Charge Types', then the scroll bar is activated and the edit boxes become a control array and they are updated with any number of values depending on the position of the scroll bar.

My problem to solve has to due with figuring out how many items are in the array. I see we have in WR the ability to get the max and min of the scroll bar and to advance it line by line but I am not sure how to combine the two to my advangage. I really need to have a scroll_line_max or scroll_line_min because I need to check the values of each edit box one by one. How would I know when to stop doing scroll_line("",HSCROLL,+1)? I guess I could advance a line and then check the value of scroll_get_max() to see if I have reached the end, but is there a better way?


3/27/03 update: Got through it. It aint pretty, but it works.

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