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    The following example assumes that a test is performed on several Notepad windows opened simultaneously on the screen.
    The GUI file used by this test contains a regular expression that describes all Notepad windows. The logical name is "NotepadWin"; the physical description is:


    Since the description of both windows appearing on screen matches the regular expression in the GUI file, set_window cannot be used. (The function is unable to identify a unique window, and returns the error E_NOT_UNIQUE.)
    The test handles this by using two separate functions: GUI_set_window sets the active window in the GUI file (using the regular expression), and _set_window sets the active window in the AUT (using the physical description of the desired window).

    function set_notepad_window (file)

    auto desc, buff, rc;
    GUI_set_window ("NotepadWin");
    GUI_map_get_desc ("NotepadWin", "", desc, buff);
    GUI_desc_set_attr (desc, "label", "Notepad - "&file);
    rc = _set_window (desc, 0);
    return (rc);

    In the above example what exacly meant by File parameter,

    Whether it's logical name


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    Re: example

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by shij_tester:

    In the above example what exacly meant by File parameter,

    Whether it's logical name
    I think that file parameter contains the description available in the GUI file. It's not logical name.

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    Re: example

    File appears to be intended as the name of the file being edited in a given Notepad window, thus if "MyFile" is passed as the parameter, the GUI_desc_set_attr function will evaluate its final parameter thusly (concatentating the variable's value to the fixed string, "Notepad - "):

    GUI_desc_set_attr (desc, "label", "Notepad - MyFile");

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