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    WinRunner vs. Robot


    I have spent the last few hours looking at the WinRunner and Robot forums on this website. But I still can't find a good answer to this question: which one is best when it comes to bitmpat testing? I am in the process of selecting an automated test tool for my project; the items I'll test are heavily map-based (I track movements in a world map and then compare them to a baseline).

    WinRunner seems to be a good choice, if it wasn't for the fact that it is going in maintenance mode. But I've also heard that Robot is a similar tool and that it comes with many capabilities that you would have to purchase separately with WinRunner.

    My application is java based, but there's a database portion to it that I would like to test for robustness. In the near future, I'll also have to test the overall app's performance when accessed by many users over the web.

    Sorry about the long posting, but I want to give you guys a good idea of my challenge here.

    Any suggestions? I would appreciate it if you can share your opinions with me.


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    Re: WinRunner vs. Robot

    I have worked with WinRunner & Robot

    I guess WinRunner would be a good choice if you are going to use this most of Web applciations.
    WinRunner is the out of box tool for web application testing.

    If you have a OOAD development & client server technology Robot would be the best choice tool.

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