I am testing a web application. There are about 10 links in a single page. Actually I wanted to verify the broken links. I tried using web_link_verify. It didnt work properly.

I tried to use the GUI check point win_check_gui. But in the properties section of the check gui dialog box it showing the expected values as "Not Valid" even though the link is valid. I tried by changing the expected values to "Valid" and ran again. After I ran the script it is failing out b'coz in the Actual Values it is picking as "Not Valid".

Then I tried to use the work around, clicking the link(web_link_click) and checking for the text in the page opened(web_obj_text_exists). I am picking the link from the data table and clicking it and checking the text.

Now my question is where will it store the out text that is captured in the web_obj_text_exists. How can we be assured it is the correct web page is opened. And is it possible to use the function web_obj_text_exists for the links retrieved through data-table.