Hi All,

I have written script for getting the data from the Baseline site and opening the QA site and getting the same data then comparing the data of both the sites.

Now Netscape 4.7X works for Baseline browser then when it launches the QA site it does not recognise the browser instance. It generates the "mic_unknown_class" error.

Points to consider before answering:
1) I am launching the browser through WinRunner using Browser Invoke function. So I am not opening the browser before opening the WinRunner.
2) The Baseline and QA Site are same application hosted on different servers with different URL's.
3) The GUI Objects of WinRunner will work for both the Baseline & QA Site.

By doing the following setting to system we can over come the problem of IE.

Solution: Shutdown both I.E. & WR and then Rename the following Registry Key from "Browser Helper objects to 'Browser Helper Objects.old" using regedit. The full path to the key is:

Browser Helper Objects

After making this change, WR should integrate with IE 5

I was wondering any solution for Netscape to over come the problem. Any solution for the same would be a great help.

Thanks in Advance