I have designed a Login screen with 2 fields (User name & Password) in HTML, " Login screen " as the Window title.
Test script is written just for GUI check like null validation, test script is given below :
win_activate("Login screen-Microsoft Internet Explorer");set_window("Login screen-Microsoft Internet Explorer",10);edit_get_Text("Internet Explorer_Server",text); if(text=="") report_msg("Entered spaces/Left Empty"); else report_msg("Data entered");
If i run the same script with the Sample provided with Winrunner (i.e., Flight Reservation sample) then i could see the result, but when i tried with my screen then i'm getting an error.I don't remember the error exactly, but it is like this ... " Operation Microsoft Internet Explorer is not associated with this widget class. "
If we give window title while designing a screen then by default " Microsoft Internet Explorer " displays beside the window title.
Can any one give me the solution?