Hello All these days we are in a process to develop an automated testing tool, i was just going through the files that are produced by WinRunner during Recording and Play back sessions,

1)One file that is created during Recording is GUI file, can some body tell me that what is MSW_class and MSW_ID, some times the difference is obvious but if i can know the exact difference between these two elements of GUI file that would be a very nice idea

2)If we create a Checkpoint, the Checklist and Expected files both are updated. the syntax for Expected file is very simple it lists the selcted controls properties with thier values. but if u look at the Checklist file that is some what complicated and looks like this

Calculator: "STND.GVF" 0 25 1
Button_2: "STND.GVF" 8 17 1
X: "" $STND.GVF, *1280,
Y: "" $STND.GVF, *1280,
Width: "" $STND.GVF, *1280,
Height: "" $STND.GVF, *1280

if some one has time and can explain me this file. i have an idea that why not my checklist file should be similar in syntax to that of Expected file,

plz answer my queries

Muhammad Basim kakakhail