Hello colleagues,
I have a question regarding this function.
I have a list object which consists of rows of course and 3 columns, sort of like a table.
In my test, I need to double click an item (a row actually) in the listbox in the middle column in order to change the value there to something else.
WinRunner cannot do this, because when you perform list_activate_item(); it simulates a double click on the left most column... and this is no good to me.
What I currently do is perform a list_select_item(); and imeediately after this I move the mouse cursor with coordinates and this is very unreliable.
Is there a funciton similar to list_activate_item(); that selects the list item by the column name? Even a list_select_itme() function that does this is OK, I can finish it off with a dbl_click() funciton.


If it's working... don't touch it!