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    I have a scenario where the id of a edit box is generated run time and hence keeps varying everytime the page is displayed. I need to find the object associated with the edit box.

    what is the best possible way ?.

    One way I am thinking is bring the focus to that edit box and based on this get the focus. First of all is this possible ?. If it is possible how to get the object based on the focus.


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    Re: query

    I don't know whether it makes sense to your question & If i understood you right.

    Some time back i worked on something like this concept only, might be this info will help.

    1)I use to create some users,
    2)All the users will be added to the list
    3)I have to select the users and delete them from Tool.

    So for this everytime that check box id's use to change. For this I have to query the database & get the id's from the db and add those id's into GUI Map File then check those box's and delete them.

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    Re: query

    It's not clear what your problem is:
    Identifying the object or Identifying the value/text of the object

    obj_get_info("obj_name", "text", VarName);
    should work just fine.

    If the actual name of your object changes
    with each iteration, then you need to modify
    the object's label and use wildcards.
    i.e. my app creates a window/screen based
    upon the user's name. For my testing,
    I create every user name "the same",
    Testuser 021603, Testuser 021703.
    My screen name becomes Testuser 021603
    or Testuser 021603.
    So, I edit the label of my object from:
    "Testuser 021603" or whatever name the label had when recorded, and save it as:
    Logical Name: Testuser
    Label: "!Testuser.*"

    obj_get_info("Testuser", "text", UserId);

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