I'm facing a strange problem (a bug?) using obj_get_tooltip_text on a .Net application (WinRunner 7.01, VB - ActiveX add-in).

The function works only with tooltips that are at least 5 carachters long, it don't even see the tooltip window if the text is shorter (i.e. it can catch tooltip like "Delete" or "Save as", but it fails on tooltip like "New", "Save", "Undo").

I've tried to change the "wait" and "tries" parameters (increasing both), but without effects.

It dont looks like a font recognition problem: when the tooltip is long enough, I can catch the text without problems.

On the opposite, it's look like obj_get_tooltip_text ignores tooltip window that are smaller than a fixed area.

Is there a way to change this behaviour?


Stefano Colzani
Opera Multimedia SpA