When I tried to recognize the table from a web page, the value of the property "html_name" was recognized wrongly.

The actual source of the table is as follows;
<table id="tbl1" name="Table1"><tr><td>11</td></tr></table>

I have used the following recording method to recognize html_table;
set_record_attr("html_table","class MSW_class html_name html_id table_index","","location");

After the execution of this statement, I would normally expect the value of the property "html_name" to be "Table1". Instead, WinRunner shows the physical Description as;
{class: object,MSW_class: html_table,html_name: 11,html_id: tbl1,table_index: 0}

Here as you see, the html_name is displayed as "11".

Is this the general functionality of WinRunner to recognize an object? Please help me!