Hi WinRunner techies,

Retreiving data for a html table using web_tbl_get_cell_data is time consuming. Is there any other faster way of retreiving data? Tried GUI checkpointing but it became too complicated for this project which requires hundreds of tables to be captured/updated every week and changes in data has to be observed. WinRunner's GUI Checkpoint mechanism and Update feature does not work consistenly and the files generated for these updates are many and managing these files is very difficult.

Retreiving data using web_tbl_get_cell_data (and other TSL funcitons) in a formatted way(columns and rows) takes a very long time(9 to 10 mins) for a huge table whereas WinRunner's data capture using GUI checkpoint takes only 6 seconds. I wonder how WinRunner is acheiving that.

I wrote to Mercury Support and they are suggesting using tbl_get_cell_data instead of web_tbl_get_cell_data which is not a very useful suggestion.

WinRunner Gurus out there, can anybody suggest a faster way of retrieving data from a huge table? I would appreciate any help in this regard. This has become very crucial to my project and I need a helping hand.