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    OutPut elements of an Array

    I need a TLS statement that will loop through an array and displays the contents so I can use wr's print log for output. Can anyone Help?

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    Re: OutPut elements of an Array

    Ummm..., how about this thread from just a little earlier today?

    Hmmm... I don't suppose this a CPS exam question or something similar?

    Charles Reace

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    Re: OutPut elements of an Array

    See if this helps, its a loop I use for testing but can be incorporated into what you may need.

    #Count the Table rows

    # Loop thru all the rows in tblFundSearch, based on "row_count" under column name FUND_NAME
    # and check each cell to see if it equals the Fund name in the array.

    for(i=1; i<=row_count; i++)
    tbl_get_cell_data("tblFundSearch","#"&i, "#2",cell_value);

    arr[i] = cell_value;
    element =ddt_val(table, "FUNDSEARCH_NAME");

    print(cell_value); #print the value of each item in the array

    if (cell_value == element)
    tl_step("Select Fund Name", 0, "Selected Fund Name: " & cell_value);


    Rob Marchetti

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