My task - Learn WinRunner and integrate its use to automate our existing manual functional testing process by Feb 2003.

Background -
o My current position is one as a Web application performance and scalability tester.
o I have "played" with WinRunner for several weeks, and have read the user's manuals and tutorials.
o I can successfully record and playback an application (whoopee!) and can use the words "TSL", "scripting" and "GUI map" in a sentence.
o I have selected one of our company's existing Web application as a test candidate --- a relatively complex eBusiness type application with constantly ongoing versioning and updates.
o I have interviewed the functional test coordinator and have copies of her test plans and use cases.

The question: How do I get going? I can't seem to get off "square 1". Do I develop scripts for each of the existing use cases? Do I check each and every page and link I encounter? I'm stuck!

Can you experienced WinRunner functional testers give me a kick start?


Randy Stevenson
Information Systems
Application Services
Deere & Company

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