I'm using WinRunner to test a PowerBuilder 6.0 application which uses a "FNfixedbar60" class, which is a toolbar.

Everytime I record a script that uses the toolbar, for EACH click that I do, I get not one but two "obj_mouse_click" statements in the script. When I replay the script, the second instance causes the replay to hang since the toolbar is not active after it is clicked with the first obj_mouse_click. If I remove the second instance for each click, the script replays, but this is becoming a real pain to do for each click.

I called mercury for support, and their answer was to try to use set_record_method for the class or to just live with it since the readme says something like toolbars in powerbuilder are problematic.

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how I can get around this problem? Has any else encountered this? Thank you.