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    web password problem

    User Dave Parker (parker_dave@hotmail.com.nospam) posted:

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    I am trying to get an auto login script for a web project. I am doing a
    edit_set("USERID", sUser);
    to enter the user ID. This seems to work OK. I am currently hardcoding the
    user ID into the script, but will eventually use a spreadsheet.

    The problem is getting the password in. I set the password variable with the
    correct password. Then convert it to sPWD using the
    password_encrypt("password") function. Then set it in the password edit

    The app returns an invalid password error. I have also tried setting the
    password edit using edit_set() instead of password edit set, I have tried
    passing an unencrypted version of the password but they still return an
    invlaid passwrord error.

    The only time I can get it to work is if I record myself logging in, then
    use that to set the password. In the recorded code, the password is
    encrypted, but the encrypted pwd is not the same string that is produced if
    I use the password_encrypt function.

    I have turned off the auto fill option in IE to prevent that from confusing
    the issue.

    I am testing with WR 7.5. IE 5.5.



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    Re: web password problem

    User Mohammed Sha (msha@ariba.com.nospam) posted:

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    If you are not particular about using password_edit_set(), use edit_set()
    instead. You may have to manually type in the edit_set function or insert
    from function generator.

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    Re: web password problem


    I am also working on a Web applicaiton. I am using edit_set() for both User name and password and it is working fine for me.



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