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I am curious to hear if anyone else has experienced the same problem
that I just ran into. I have TD 7.6 installed on a W2K Pro server (I
upgraded from 7.2 last week - it works fine with WR 7.01), I have WR 7.5
installed a W2K Pro workstation. I finally got my issues with the floating
license manager resolved today. When I was finally ready to test the two new
versions together, I discovered that tests that ran just fine in WR by
itself, would not run when run from TD. After much hair pulling & poking
around, I discovered that the problem is that the WR Add-Ins that I had
selected in WR become deselected when the test is run from TD. In fact, the
problem really is that the wrun.ini is being overwritten by TD (or WR 7.5 -
I am not sure which - I suspect that it is WR itself) when WR starts up to
run a test!!