Hi all,

I have a question that might have been asked many times. I am still putting it up as I was not able to get answer to it through already posted postings.
OK I have application that has front end which is web based. And then there is back office that is developed in MUMPS that runs on VAX/VMS OS. Now obviously I cannot develop automated testing script for back office process, as with mercury tools it is either not possible to give a try or needs too much of complicated way out. Well whatever. (If anyone has any idea please do put that in). As far as front end, the one which I am working on. I have a process say PROC-A which has 2 steps
- Enter input thru WEB interface
- Run some back office processes that processes the inputs and then passes data to WEB.

If the back office process is not executed the user cannot see the effect of the input data immediately. Now in order to develop the automated test script, I was thinking of developing 2 scripts for PROC-A.
- Pre_PROC-A this script will automate those test cases that verifies the data input process on WEB interface
- Post_PROC-A this script will automate the verification of data once after the back office process has been executed.

Prior to running the 2nd script the back office process needs to be executed manually.

Can anyone please suggest any other ways or methods?
Thanks in advance