In my application, I am having a text field of object name fpText.fpText.3 which falls under class object,Msw_id and MSW_calss are tha available properties.So what i did was i configured to Edit class and script i have pasted in the begining of test.After that i learned the object using gui spy and i replaced the logical name fptext.fptext.3 to "price". configuration script is

set_class_map("fpText.fpText.3", "edit");
set_record_attr("fpText.fpText.3", "class MSW_id MSW_class", "", "location");
set_record_method("fpText.fpText.3", RM_RECORD);

after configuring , available properties are class edit,MSW_id and MSW_calss.

Then i recorded ,and run the scripts, it's identified and runs fine. But after closing the winrunner, it's work some times , in some cases . logical name which i modified is not coming and instead of that fptext.fptext.3 is coming and it causes to step to pause .

whteher this happened due to the properties which i selected while
configuring( due to the selection of MSW_id and MSW_class_

can anybody help me out to solve this