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    ******:TE functions do not work with Rumba

    1-> I am using Rumba 7.0.1 and WinRunner 7.01 with TE add-in on IBM mainframe. I have configured the ADD-in for TE for WinRunner and updated the softkeys. But during recording when I try to insert TE functions using softkeys it does not do so. Do i need to do any more setting. I read about Rumba - Advanced - Short name to be changed. I could not find that option. Please help.
    2-> When I insert TE functions such as TE_set_cursor_position or TE_add_screen_name_location I get a return value "Error 11007. EM_SESSION_NOT_
    VALID -11007 Cannot find a valid terminal emulator session, for example if the terminal emulator is not running or is not connected to the server". Any solutions.


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    Re: ******:TE functions do not work with Rumba

    read the guidelines!

    AJ Alhait
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    AJ Alhait
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