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Thread: GUI Map problem

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    GUI Map problem

    I am using an application developed in VB to prepare the winrunner scripts. But in one form i found multiple objects are coming with the same (But they are of same data type). When i learn the the object through GUI SPy i am getting the object name _1, _2 like that. Also in the physical description i am getting different locations. How to handle this problem whil adding the object descriptions at run time ?


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    Re: GUI Map problem

    One solution could be to use regular expresions in the GUI map. For example:

    location: "![0-9]"

    to match any digit.


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    Re: GUI Map problem

    You can configure the object and use "index" as Selector instead of "Location". Another thing you might try, when you load your GUI map file, use this command to close all temp Gui map file.




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