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    Trial version for Winrunner

    Hi there,

    I'm exited over Winrunner's ability in performing functional testing.

    Is it only for windows application or web application?

    How can I download the trial version of Winruuner?



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    Re: Trial version for Winrunner


    you can do it for both. But for Web-testing exist the tool "Astra Quicktest". But where you get a trial version, i don't know. All i know, is that you can call your local dealer from Mercury Interactive and he visits you and install you a trial version.




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    Re: Trial version for Winrunner

    Please read http://www.qaforums.com/Forum4/HTML/006129.html

    Specifically, number 4.

    - Joe (strazzerj@aol.com)
    Joe Strazzere
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