Hello All,

Iam working with winrunner and oracle apps.

My problem is
i have got two edit fields with two push buttons besides them respectively.
The logical name of the first edit field is
logical name of the second edit field is
but the logical name of the push button's for both the edit fields is the same.

recorded actions:

1.button press the first edit field "VTextField_40"
2.new pop up window "Reference Numbers" appears.
3.cancel the pop up window
4.button press the second edit field
5.new pop up window "Requisition Numbers" appears.
6.cancel the pop up window.

Now when replaying the actions

It is always pressing the button of "VTextField_39"
and throws an error saying "object not found"
because the popped up window is "Requisition Numbers"
and the recorded scripts looks for the window "Reference Numbers".

the recorded script looks like this:

# Find Requisitions (Vision O...
set_window("Find Requisitions (Vision O...", 1);

# Requisition Numbers
set_window("Reference Numbers", 2);

# Find Requisitions (Vision O...
set_window("Find Requisitions (Vision O...", 4);

# Reference Numbers
set_window("Requisition Numbers", 2);
Please help me.

iam also attaching the screenshot of the form.

thanks in advance