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When you close your first gui_map, do you then load another one with an
entry for the 2nd window. Your description leads me to believe that you have
closed the only gui_map with a reference to the Eclipse window. That would
be a problem.

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Subject: [winrunner] Windows with same name have diff content
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I have 2 pop-up (error/alert) windows that are named the same...both called

I loaded the GUI map for the first Eclipse window which is a password
expiration warning (I did a GUI check point on it for content of the text)
then closed it with the GUI_close. I then verified that it was closed. At
some point later I load the next Eclipse window which is a name validation
warning...however every time I try to run my test (I did a GUI check point
on it for content of the text of the second eclipse window) it tells me that
my GUI map is missing something. I learned it is the text from the first
Eclipse window that my GUI check is looking for....WHY? What do I do to
stop that?

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