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I never said documentation is imposed especially given that I'm the one
insisting on documentation and because it's an obvious and elementary step
in any project. As I said, I strongly believe there are some situations
where any and I mean "ANY" contact whatsoever with certain kinds of
personalities will result in nothing but problems. This includes exclusion
of their input regarding any requirements, aka. documentation. Before I
receive a knee-jerk response, continue reading....allowing such
personalities to contribute to your requirements list when you are almost
certain they are purposefully trying to sabotage your project would be
counterproductive and plain stupid. First attempt must be at diplomacy to
smooth things out, which in the best case would dispose of the negative
attitudes. However, absent diplomatic success, you have no choice. Did I
mention my diplomatic attempts were "highly" unsuccessful? Choosing th=
politically correct path when there is a strong conflict of personalities i=
in my opinion a very serious and potentially fatal mistake.