Hi All,

I know the utility below can be coded in various ways. I am just putting it for those who are in dire needs to such stuff. Just wanted to share. May be someone share comments and may we come up with improved one...

# Purpose - This function opens the window(in-paramter) and counts the total number of control items of
# particular type i.e. (html_text_link;html_combobox;html_edit;html_rect) . Then for each
# control item gets the physical description in an array(out-parameter).
# In Parameter - Window name; Control Type eg. html_text_link that is searched in the win_name
# Out Parameter - Array containing control item physical description

public function funclist_win_object(in win_name,strcontroltype, inout prmarritemdesc[])
auto i;
web_obj_get_child_item_count(win_name,"","",strcon troltype,intitemcount);
while (i < intitemcount)
web_obj_get_child_item(win_name,"","",strcontrolty pe,i,prmarritemdesc[i]);

/* below is part of the main script that calls the above function*/
public intitemcount; #stores count of controls found on a web page of a particular type. Populated by function list_win_object
funclist_win_object(strtmp,"html_text_link",arrite mdesc);
while (tmpcount < intitemcount)