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Thread: Compiled module

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    Compiled module

    Below code is from my control script and load compiled module.

    public tmpcount,table;

    tmpcount = 0;
    table = "C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\WinRunner\ESERCQA_PROJECTS\PCU\PCUCont rolScript\default.xls";
    rc = ddt_open(table, DDT_MODE_READ);
    if (rc!= E_OK && rc != E_FILE_OPEN)
    pause("Cannot open table.");

    #Load Compiled modules

    Below is my compiled module section
    public function funcpcu_viewaccountbyDTM(in tlsteptype,tlstepstr)
    list_select_item("{class: list,MSW_class: html_combobox,html_name: TargetDate}",ddt_val(table, "bymonth"))
    I am getting error 'variable table has not been declared" on list_select_item line code.

    I have tried to figure out but it seems that I can't have the above type coding.
    Any thoughts...


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    Re: Compiled module

    Some things to try.

    Try Double Back Slash.

    table = "C:\\Program Files\\Mercury Interactive\\WinRunner\\ESERCQA_PROJECTS\\PCU\\PCU ControlScript\\default.xls";

    Your path to the file "default.xls" is 96 characters long. I install WinRunner off the ROOT of the drive to shorten the path.

    table = "C:\\WinRunner\\ESERCQA_PROJECTS\\PCU\\PCUControlS cript\\default.xls";

    Make new test script and put the Function at the top followed by your test script (function local to test script). If this makes it work then it's because the code is in a Compiled Module.

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