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Hey Gary:
It may have been me. I got it. -ini is really cool, but how do you tell TD
to run a batch file on the target PC on which you want it to run a specific
test. Wouldn't it be easier and great if you just tell it to launch WR on
any machine without any preconditions/expectations etc. because you KNEW
that by telling it to also run a specific XR_TSL_INIT you would be
guaranteed (assuming your XR_TSL_INIT could assure it) that any expectation=
your scripts had would be addressed.
Here is my problem:
I'm responsible for the final release and functionality of all automated
tests. However, there are others that may install and develop scripts and
put them into the repository I'm responsible for. The only way I have of
controlling the outcome is to ensure that when TD launches WR on remote
PC's, My XR_TSL_INIT file gets run before the test is run, even if others
develop the test cases I'm running. The rest of the potential script
developers at my company have limited experience with Mercury tools, and
short of going to each PC and manually updating wrun.ini, or having them
update wrun.ini (which removes my control), is to have this facility.
I've sent out the request in the past, please go to the Mercury Support
site, and request this as a feature. If you need additional info, please
contact me directly at


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