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    WinRunner & Test Director Regarding

    Hi all,
    Long time reader, first time asking question, hope I shall receive favourable reply.

    I have a Visual Basic 6.0 Application with backend as Oracle 8.x. How do i go about testing automation using WinRunner. Plz be informed that I have read all User's guide of WinRunner. But now where I found the basic principle question i.e how do i add my VB application into WinRunner for Automation testing.

    And what if I have a Developer 2000 application with Oracle as back end. How shall I go about this automation testing using WinRunner.

    And the last question is regarding a web application done using ASP and SQL Server as database. How do i test my web application using WinRunner or TestDirector.

    Thanks in Advance

    Plz mail me with any documents you guys have or any url links where I can gather this information.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: WinRunner & Test Director Regarding


    You don't need to add your application to Winrunner for testing. Just load VB plugin forwinrunner and start recording the test cases step bby step.
    When winrunner is launched successfully after loading vb addin click the record buton at the top and start developing ur cases by launching ur application. Once the process is complete click the stop button and then run the test case.
    You might need to replace some of the commands by the basic commands of winrunner.
    hope this helps.

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    Re: WinRunner & Test Director Regarding

    Cheers freefree,

    the info u provided was very helpful.


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    Re: WinRunner & Test Director Regarding


    Whatever may be your application under test all you need to do is choose an appropiate add in. If you want to test a web application then we need to choose the webtest add in.

    And about TestDirector it is a Test Management tool. WinRunner is a functional testing tool. So you will be testing your application using WinRunner and not TestDirector. In turn you can store your WinRunner Test Scripts in Test Director and from where you can run the scripts.




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