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can anyone tell me differenz between=20
database check points Default check=20
custom check
Run time Record Check

I dont find much differenz between default and custom echeck=20
And in Run time record check i am getting error=20
The window "" is not in the GUI map.

i did not understand this so i captured the anwer from Quaery analyser
then i am getting this error
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'WHERE'.
Statement(s) could not be prepared.
even though the query was simple where it could execute the same using quer=
y analyser.

i am using winrunner 7.01 and MSsql=20

can one plx help out=20


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custom check</FONT></DIV>
time Record Check</FONT></DIV>
custom echeck </FONT></DIV>
anwer from Quaery analyser</FONT></DIV>
Incorrect syntax near the
keyword 'WHERE'.

Statement(s) could not be prepared.</FONT></DIV>
execute the same using query analyser.</FONT></DIV>

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