Hi All,
I recently upgraded to 7.5 and am experiencing what is proving to be quite a thorn in my side.

I have a few main driver scripts that open a series of spreadsheets using ddt_open, and based on values in the spreadsheets, call subscripts. The subscripts also use values from the tables opened by the driver scripts.

This worked like a charm with 7.0, but now that I have upgraded to 7.5, it seems that the tables are being closed between the time that they are opened in the driver scripts, and when they are queried by the subscripts using ddt_val.

I found an old post where folks were having similar problems, and the conclusion was to re-open the tables in every script. That is a very unattractive option, as we have many scripts.

Before I embark on that most tedious task, I figured I would ask if anyone else has encountered this. Perhaps there is a setting that is altered in the upgrade? Am I S.O.L?

Any advice (or condolences) would be greatly appreciated.

Chad Taylor