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I'm having a problem using an external library that I've written with
Winrunner. I load a dll and call a simple series of functions. Every
call to a function within my dll leaks 16k of RAM. The only way I can
get the RAM back is to close and restart winrunner. I've checked the
code in the dll I've written with SmartHeap and it does not cause
memory to leak outside of winrunner. I have extensive test sets (some
test sets take in excess of 4 hours to run on a high end machine) and
I'd like to be able to leave my testsets running overnight. Each
individual test runs fine but when run as a test set I make thousands
of calls to this dll and even 512+MB computer quickly run out of

Has anyone else seen a memory leak in Winrunner with external dlls
and know a way to fix the leak. I'd prefer not to have to break my
test sets up...