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    can not find the object in gui map file

    User raman_pekati (raman_pekati@yahoo.com.nospam) posted:

    Hi All,

    We are creating winrunner scripts in Context Snesitive mode on
    ResQNet Application, this application is a browser based Applet .

    We have a set of common GUI Objects (like push_buttons, edit fields,
    static_text and list box )elements on many screens across the
    application. We learnt all these common objects once in the Gui
    Map ,But when we try to find the same learnt objects on some other
    screens in the same applet, winrunner says it can not find the object
    in gui map file.

    Can some body help us..


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    Re: can not find the object in gui map file

    In general, objects are defined within the context of their parent window.

    Thus, if one browser page has an "OK" button, by default WinRunner will consider an "OK" button on a different page as a different object.

    If you don't want this to happen, you can consider changing the attributes of the parent window (the page for example) so that WinRunner recognizes all of the pages as the same page. To do this you will use a Regular Expression in the GUI Map. Check your manual for "Regular Expressions".

    Best of luck.

    - Joe (strazzerj@aol.com)
    Joe Strazzere
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