User ecbadger ( posted:

I'm sorry to clutter your mailbox for yet a second time. I hope this
will be the last.

My goal would be to reduce the clutter in your mailbox due to posts
from the WinRunner Group.

To that end, I have banned [without warning] those people that violate
the fair posting terms that were stated.
I've also reduced, in size, the header/footer information.
I'm also posting an etiquette guide.

I'd ask you all to reframe from replying to a post that violates the
ediquette guidlines. It only adds to the clutter!
Trust me to ban posters. If there is any message that you believe
deserves my immediate attention, you can send me mail.

WinRunner Posting Etiquette

1. Do not use all caps when posting.
2. Keep to the topic of WinRunner, and not about someone else's style
of posting.
3. Job Posting should begin with "OFF TOPIC" in subject line
4. When replying to a post, do NOT quote the entire Post.
5. Do NOT reply to anyone violating these guidlines.

Let's keep this a productive environment, and a professional one.
If you have serious concerns, contact me directly.


ed badger