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1. Big + of Winrunner over other market tools viz. silk, robo etc.???
2. How does Winrunner identify GUI Objects?
3. Winrunner GUI map modes?
4. What is the use of rapid test script wizard?
5. How will U synchronize tests using WR? When should U synchronize? Synch.
6. How do U check GUI objects?
7. How do U check a bitmap?
8. How do U program tests with TSL?
9. How do U run tests on a new version of WR?
10. What are data driven tests & How Do U create it in WR?
11. How do U read text from an application?
12. What is a batch test? How do U program a batch test?
13. What happens when user interface changes?
14. Does load testing possible usine WR?
15. Does WR help U in web testing?
16. How do U manage test data, test result?
17. Any knowledge of Test Director?
18. Questions on TSL: How to generate Functions?
19. Running tests from the command line?
20. Last Question (most imp.): Explain Winrunner Testing Modes?

All the answers to these questions are given in the WR User Guide (PDF)& WR
Tutorial (PDF) which comes along with WR Licence Version.

Best of Luck.

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