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ListboxPrintSize has Print Size and quantity. Once you select a
Print Size and click on the + button, quantity increases and the
selected item becomes the first in the list. The problem is that
the list items are named #0 #1 #2 ..etc. I tried

1) list_get_item("ListboxPrintSize",2,x)
Result : empty string

2) list_get_item_num(("ListboxPrintSize","5R Full Frame Digital",
number); Result : Winrunner error Item not found

3) list_get_item_num("ListboxPrintSize","#5", number);
Result : 5

4) list_get_subitem(("ListboxPrintSize","#2",1,subite m); Result :
empty string
5) list_get_info("ListboxPrintSize","value",value);
result : #2

I need, say 2 modules first one to print 10 copies of 5R float and
second module to print 2 copies of 4x6. My script recognizes this
10 copies of 5R float = 10 copies of position 7
2 copies of 4x6 = 2 copies of position 3

I executed my first module and before I execute my second module the
position would be as follows since the selected options go to the top
of the list

5R float 1st position
4x6 4th position

But my script will print what is there in position 3 which will be 4R
Full Frame Digital which is incorrect.