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    Handling Mouse click Event

    User ganesh_spin (ganesh_spin@yahoo.com.nospam) posted:


    We are working with a java based application which is using the mouse
    click event. I also have winrunner installed. Now we notice that
    there is a conflict between the application and WR. The application
    does not work the way it is suppose to, and the reason is Winrunner
    is generating a mouse click event, which conflicts with the

    Note that I have not launched winrunner. All i have done is installed
    WR and the Java add-in.

    Does WR do something in the back ground each time a Java application
    is launched?
    Is there any setting in WR which will handle this situation?



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    Re: Handling Mouse click Event

    User Roman Zilber (romanz@enigma.com.nospam) posted:

    Maybe WR install addition VM, that conflict with VM of application used.
    Here is remarks written by Delmonte, Tom [tom.delmonte@wcom.com] to this
    forum about one month ago:

    We have used it extensively and here are a few gotchas that we have run into
    so far, avoid these and you will save yourself several hours of system
    setting hell.

    1) Do not use Java 1.4 unless you have WinRunner 7.5 and the Java Add-in
    that goes with it.

    2) Don not use Windows XP unless you have WinRunner 7.5 and the appropriate
    Java Add-in version (as above).

    3) Only install one version of the Java JRE (Runtime Engine) in your system
    if possible, it makes it easier to manage were the Java Add-in Patches are
    installed, and interaction of WinRunner and your application.
    JRE's supported span 1.1 to 1.3 and their variations.
    If you are not familiar with this process you will be when you install the
    add-in and run the Patch tool... and run into problems :-)

    4) If you are using NT or 2000, make sure that the classpath statement
    includes a path for your Java JRE.
    How to get to classpath? Right click on the My Computer icon and select
    Properties, then click on the environment tab, click on the CLASSPATH entry
    in the first list box and you will see the Variable Edit box display your
    classpth (text string with drive:\path\binary.
    You will have to edit it by hand. My suggestion is that you copy it and
    paste it into Notepad, save it (in case your changes create problems), and
    then edit it and paste it back into the Variable edit box.

    5) Have WinRunner and your Java app use the same JRE if you have more than
    one installed.

    6) Main indicator one of the above is a problem:
    a) When you are in the GUIMap and click on a control that used to flash and
    now does not.
    This may be caused by updating the JRE (the Add-in patches you installed
    will not be a part of the new JRE), or running it on a CPU that had not been
    used to create the GUIMap.
    b) When you try to 'Learn' the controls of the Java app nothing is added.

    Fixing the problem(s):
    1) Easiest step. Verify the Java Add-in is installed, if not you know what
    to do :-)

    2) Easy step. If the Java Add-in is installed run the Java Add-in patch
    tool, hopefully you only have one JRE, if not point it to the same JRE that
    WinRunner and your app are using. Usually does the trick

    3) Harder step. If the above does not work, uninstall the Java Add-in and
    reinstall it. That takes care of most of the problems that step one does

    4) If all above fail I call Mercury for help.

    Scripting suggestions:
    1) Load the GUIMap with each script you run, obviously should be one of the
    first lines of your script:
    GUI_load ("Drive:\path\YourGuiMap.gui");

    2) Some scripts were not recognizing controls when run on their own, the
    reason was certain controls were not recognized when running the script,
    even though they lit up when highlighting them in the GUIMap Editor.
    Stepping through the script (using F6) showed us that.
    To fix this add the below right after you load the GUIMap, as per suggestion
    of Mercury's support, which did fix the problem for us:

    I am sure this will save you a few bottles of Tylenol or whatever you use
    for headaches.



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