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Some one had asked me code for different languages
here it is
Step1) First map your GUI files to be opened in note pad
Step 2) Write code to open GUI file in notepad
Step3) open excel sheet which has english and its language counterpart in adjacent cells(ddt_open statements)
Step4)Read from excel sheet & code a find replace and replace the english with language u want to
perform this in forloop untill end of excel file and your GUI map is ready
and do this for a many languages as you want
I have done this for japanese
If some one has a better method kindly suggest

Girish N <> wrote: Hi All,

My self girish, U all can call me Girdu, i am a new
member to this group so please co-operate

I am also facing problem with my test because of the
location property of the window class.
And often i get one message from winrunner.
i am attaching a Screen Shot with that message, can u
please explain what that message wants to suggest.


- Girish

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