I'm trying to set up some tests to run with different expected results folders. I've run into either my stupidity or a bug in WR. I've created a test with the following single line of code:


When run in a normal WR session (loaded from the start menu) that puts up a message box with C:\pathto\test\exp just as expected. But when WR is invoked with this command line:

start /WAIT D:\"program files"\"mercury interactive"\winrunner\arch\wrun.exe -addins vb -batch off -dont_show_welcome -t tester -run -create_text_report on -verify foobar -exp OtherExp -animate

it gives an expected results dir of D:\pathto\winrunner\dat\tslinit/exp. That forward slash is not a typo. I've tried it with batch on and off. What am I missing here? This is driving me up the wall.