I'm running WinRunner v7.01 with an AUT compiled with Delphi v4. The TESTSRVR.PAS file was included in the compile of the AUT so I am able to get the DLPH_NAMEs without any problem. What I would like to do now is get the value of a particular object's property.

In this case the object is of type TPageControl (TEAPageControl). This object is suppose to have a property called "ActivePage" (which is set as "Published" in the Delpi Project).


dlph_obj_get_info("TEAPageControl", "ActivePage", szValue)


obj_get_info("TEAPageControl", "ActivePage", szValue)

I always get:

E_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER (-10006) Specified value for one or more parameters is invalid.


obj_get_info: "TEAPageControl" Error: Illegal parameter.

The logical object "TEAPageControl" exists in the GUI map and works correctly.

So, what am I missing?

Also, while I'm on this topic, when in the help window for the functions such as obj_get_info() or obj_check_info(), is there an easy way to find the possible properties that can be gotten or checked?