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Hello ,
Please parametrize the url in your script without a for loop, that ways you can change the url when ever you want
so far as the label is concerned try using regular expressions
example: label:"!Micro.*"
this label will apply to any window with label micro and any string beyond that.
further identify if any new objects are being introduced as a result of change
if so one can add and delete gui objects to the map on the run time and handle the new changes
example radio button to check box etc. etc without re doing the entire script
please let me know if this doesnt work or you dont know how to go about doing this.

Thirunalai Venkatnadhan
Software Engineer
Patni ltd

Steve Mathisen <> wrote: Depending on how much it changed, you can work with the gui map to use
regular expressions for the screen/system names. I also believe that the gui
map is a text file and can be edited that way (I have not tried it, but
others have). Make a copy of your gui map and experiment with it.

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Subject: [winrunner] Problem - Web Page name has changed - What do I do with
the GUI Map?

| Hello,
| I have a huge online billing site I am testing, have many scripts for
| it. They decided to change the name of the system now, but in my GUI
| Map I all my objects under the old name. I tried modifying the old
| name to change to the new name, but now all the page and objects are
| not found.
| Am I going to have to re-learn everything and re-vamp all my 20 huge
| scripts??
| Thanks,
| Sara