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Hi Everyone,

I finally got my problem fixed with getting a subitem in a Syslistview32
control. (it looks like the CSO Lib functions were my problem)

However, now I am on to my second problem. I need to be able to set focus
to an edit field in the list. I see a function called 'list_select_item',
but I need to select a sub-item.

List looks like the following:

GrantDate - Type - Price - NumbertoSell

1/1/2000 - ISO - $3.00 - 0

The Field 'NumbertoSell' is an edit box that I need to be able to update. I
can't seem to get the focus to that particular cell. This is a
SysListView32 control, but it looks like a table.

I tried the following :
list_select_item("SysListView32","04//10//1999;ISO;$3.00;0");, but that
returned an error saying item not found.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Tom Yale
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PH: (203) 944 - 7300 x 282