I posted this earlier to Mercury's Customer Support Discussion Forum so forgive me if you've already seen it....

Our application is being developed in C# through the .NET environment. The objects in the application are (mostly) being recognized by the GUI Spy but the property that I want to use to define the objects is the object's "Name" property. For example, i have a push-button labeled "BrianButton" and it's name is "Button1". When I spy on the object, the label is being used to define the object (label: BrianButton, class: object). This sounds like a fine solution BUT... what if the label changes? what if I have two push-buttons in the same window with identical labels?

I've been informed by our developers that the labels will change and there will be buttons with the same labels in the same window. Also, our application will be translated into several languages so the labels will of course change as the language changes from English to Spanish to Italian to French, etc...

Has ANYONE else ran into this situation? I can't believe that we're on the cutting edge of technology here. Why hasn't Mercury built the .NET add-in yet? Are they planning on getting out of the automated testing game or just waiting until thousands of angry customers demand the add-in or what?

Any help and/or advice would be appreciated. I've been on the phone w/ WinRunner Tech Support several times about this issue and hired a contractor for three days last week to look into our situation. So far, it looks like without that .NET/C# add-in from Mercury, I can't take advantage of a WinRunner solution for testing our application. Does anyone know of any other automated testing products that would meet this requirement? Thanks,

-Brian Verrico


Brian Verrico
Dade Behring, Inc.