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    Web Testing: Pushbutton

    User vidyadhar_b2000 (vidyadhar_b2000@yahoo.co.in.nospam) posted:


    In asp page, gif images is used as push button, At the time of
    recording, clicking on button gets recorded as 'obj_mouse_click'
    with x,y parameters. I would like to define this gif image as button,
    So that button_press command can be used.


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    Re: Web Testing: Pushbutton

    User Ajo Xavier (Ajo.X@kshema.com.nospam) posted:

    You have two options.

    1. Make it as a Virtual object mapping it to a push button.
    2. Use web_image_click function

    I prefer the latter.


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    Re: Web Testing: Pushbutton

    User vidyadhar_b2000 (vidyadhar_b2000@yahoo.co.in.nospam) posted:

    Thanks, As you have mentioned, I have tried out with the following,

    1. Virtual Object: At the time of defining virtual object, gets
    recorded with x and y co-ordinates. I prfer not use virtual objects.

    2. web_image_click: I have tried this with F7, this particular gif
    image is not present in the gui map, So WinRunner records it as html
    frame as an object.

    --- In winrunner@y..., Ajo Xavier <Ajo.X@k...> wrote:
    address in http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/

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    Re: Web Testing: Pushbutton

    User Roman Zilber (romanz@enigma.com.nospam) posted:

    There are very little number of attributes in the web object and there no
    difference between image that pushbutton or some other image ("html_rect").
    Just give to your push image label "Push Button" that's all.



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