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I could not agree more!!

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I've always believed this because there's no other explanation for people to
ask basic questions that are in Chapter 1. WinRunner "basics" are easy to
pick up if you have the available resources. In my opinion, those questions
bordering on ridiculous should "ALWAYS" be answered with a...

2. On page ??? of the hardcopy(NOT the PDF) users guide is the answer

....doing anything more is aiding a pirater. The chances of this being the
case are most likely >85%. In those cases, where the questioner is simply
clueless, we're doing them a favor by forcing them to learn basic research
skills. The thing that ticks me off is the constant referencing of WinRunner
websites that contain WinRunner PDF files that should not be publically
available. Why these sites are allowed to remain open, especially for
software that costs tens of thousands, is incredible.