I'm trying to functionalize my results file writes by putting the step name and description into an excel file, then getting the needed step data at run time for writes to the results file.
The problem is that I can see maintaining that data file and keeping it in synch with the GUI checkpoints in the script becoming a nightmare.
Has anyone tried this, and how did you solve the maintenance issue?

Here's the code for my UDF that handles the results file write.

public function WriteToLog(in rc, in rowNumber){

# Variable Declarations
auto table = "C:\\PROJECTS\\Dev\\QA Tools\\Scripts\\WinRunner Scripts\\RM\\ContactAddPage\\errormessages.xls";

if(rc == 0){
tl_step(ddt_val_by_row(table,rowNumber,"StepLabel" ), rc, ddt_val_by_row(table,rowNumber,"SuccessMessage"))) ;
tl_step(ddt_val_by_row(table,rowNumber,"StepLabel" ), rc, ddt_val_by_row(table,rowNumber,"FailureMessage"));