I want to componentise the screen I have recorded.

Meaning for example I have recorded a screen which must be able to take a predefined input from any previous process in the end-to-end business process and also to output predefined values. But the predefined values may be multiple in nature. (for example a delivery process may be call()ed after creation of 3 sales orders but should create 1 delivery record against 3 sales orders). The delivery process is however recorded only once.

I want to handle this without changing the script.
As a possible solution Can we output sales order no;s into XLS spreadsheet or put the Sales order no. in global array. This could then be a input to delivery process.

The idea is that each screen should be considered as an reusable object anywhere without changing the script. by doing that each end-to-end process should be thru a scripts which has a series of call()s.

please help me.